Dropbox is easily one of my favorite programs. I regularly use 3 computers, plus a virtual machine, plus an iPhone, and before Dropbox I was carrying everything on a USB thumb drive and juggling multiple revisions of documents across all of my devices. With Dropbox, I can take for granted not only having the most recent version of all documents handy, but that it is all backed up in the “cloud” for safety. Sharing a folder with another Dropbox user is drop-dead simple as well. Add to that the ability to view previous revisions, and a great group of developers and support personnel, and Dropbox has a winning formula in my book! I wholeheartedly recommend Dropbox to anyone who uses multiple computers, a mobile device, or needs to be able to access their documents from anywhere via the internet.

Dropbox’s free plan gives 2GB of space, and can be upgraded by referring people, completing some basic account tasks, and/or paying money.

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disclaimer: this is my referral link, and you and I both will receive extra space if you use it to sign up.